Does God not know His own mind...

Question: Does God not know His own mind, is He racist or ageist?

Answer: The scriptures should show you God definitely knows His own mind and is very specific. If scripture and history fails to convince you, use logic.

I do not really recommend using common sense as criteria because “Common" "sense" is not God's creation or equal to His intelligence. "Common" and “sense” = what" most" humans do.  
Most humans do things uncommon to God. Nevertheless, for those to whom it would help, here are some common sense thoughts.


Does God not know His own mind

Would God, whose character and words are consistent, who refers to Himself as “never changing” give a verbal command to the first man on earth, Adam; to Moses in stone, all prophets on paper and by Jesus’ example and all subsequent generations whereby for over 4,000 years the Jewish race have kept the Sabbath, suddenly change it? Especially to a day which he detest and warned about because it was kept and worshipped by his adversary (satan) and his followers; Sun day?

Is God Racist,
having strict rules for the Jews (His chosen) and leniency for Gentiles? 2Ch 16:9 "For the eyes of the LORD run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to shew himself strong in the behalf of them whose heart is perfect toward him". You have a best friend, favourite person or child, would you sell them something at a higher price than to others? God chose the Jews (and strangers) to be His chosen people, would He make them have to obey laws and commandments; but not his un-chosen who get it free (through mere believe, grace or faith)? Or His chosen have to keep ten rules and others nine or less? Would that not be unfair? Would He, being a fair God, not have the same saving rules for all if not leniency for His chosen? If one cannot understand earthly things how can they decipher heavenly ones? This point alone should be sufficient to cancel the argument that we are now saved by mere faith, belief or other excuses God has one rule for all as God’s people Jew or Gentile are of one body. Gal 3:28 There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus. Psa 100:3 Know ye that the LORD he is God: it is he that hath made us, and not we ourselves; we are his people, and the sheep of his pasture.

Is God is an Ageist?
(Against older people). In Numbers 15:33 God killed the man for collecting sticks on the Sabbath as it was classed as work. He could not have been the first man to work on the Sabbath. Surely, the Egyptians and other pagans did so why were they not killed? Because they did not belong to the group He had set aside to be His people. His people were bound by the commandments and others were not; but neither get the promises. The commandments give life and they were dead in sin.  Can that man or any other accuse God of being an ageist because persons wanting to be His people today working on the Sabbath are not killed? Are the younger persons born after Christ exempted from death for doing the same things for which those born before Christ lost their salvation? If you read Deut, Numbers etc you will see the whole group of God’s people were punished as a group when an individual broke His commands. In Joshua 6 God gives Israel victory over Jericho. However, being their first battle after crossing the Jordan, the first fruits belonged to God (Ex 23:19).  He commanded nothing of the city was to be taken. One man secretly stole and hid some of the bounty and the whole nation was punished by loosing the next battle. When they found out the reason, identified and killed the man, God’s favour was restored Joshua 6:17-19, 7:12, 15, 21, 25). For another example of one man sinning and the whole nation being punished see Num 25:6-9. In 2 Sam 24:17 David pleads for the people who God is punishing for his sole sin of taking a census.

Would the apostles be with Jesus and keep the Sabbath with Him over 170 times, every week and the day his back is turned or He dies change to the Sunday? 4) Would Jesus who taught by parables i.e. analogies and example, not lead by example and have kept Sunday or tell His disciples to change after His death and resurrection? 5) Any law abiding reasonable non believing person could keep the other nine commandments. I have non believing, law abiding friends who do. Other religions similarly keep the other nine, but worship on a different day or time to Christians. Thus the only way to distinguish a believer in the God of Abraham, Isaac and Israel who we call Jehovah, who created heaven, earth and all things seen and unseen is them keeping His Sabbaths as He did. A testament to His creative status. Take away that “mark” and one is the same as the rest of non-believers or followers of other gods.

These are some of the other circulated excuses.  I will be saved by my works (excluding Sabbath keeping), if God wants me to change He will tell me, it does not matter what day I praise God, we should praise God every day, God knows my heart, I am saved by grace and faith and many more.

The controversy started with satan wanting Adam to disobey God and rely on him, then calling all subsequent people away from God to worship him. Making promises to Jesus of wealth etc if He would worship him (Matthew 4:9).  When those tactics failed, next was to exterminate true followers of Christ both from within and without. From within meant infiltration and change Christian beliefs through majority rule, false leaders and custom. Some references to false prophets and shepherds are Prob 16:25, Isaiah 29:13-14, 2Corin 11:14-15.From without by persecution and death. Under state laws, bibles were taken away from everyone (early leaders and believers) except the chosen and burnt. This being so future generations would forget and not know about the Sabbath or contents of the Bible. Possessing one or meeting on the seventh day meant death. Services were spoken in Latin, a language the congregation did not understand. They were told what the bible said or meant. The Walden’s, who later translated the bible into common language, paid with their lives. So today not only does ignorance prevail; but supported by false reasons. The history of wars, monarchies and emigration is partly religious. Saved by your works mean doing the work and will of God, i.e. keeping all 10 commandments. Not one's own in one's own manner (Matthew 19:17, John 14:15).

Would you keep your job unless you did the “works” as required and turned up for work at the stipulated times? Do not expect God to give you a personal message. Why should He? He has given you the Bible, a brain and taught you to read. Would you put a Notice on a board and still think it reasonable to be expected to visit all 5 million people who wanted a personal visit and explanation? Why should He? He did not do it for the Israelites; but communicated through Moses. Not Aaron or Korath and other rebels desiring word from God. Neither did Jesus (father Abaham) succumb to the dead rich ruler, in Luke 16:29, wanting a personal message sent back to his living relatives. Jesus said they had the books of Moses and the prophets (scriptures). Search the scriptures has always been the directive. If it did not matter what day one worships God or keeps as the Sabbath why take away their bibles, why have so many been hunted, tortured and killed for keeping the Sabbath and not the same for any other day, i.e. Sunday?

Yes, one should worship God everyday; but really with the pressures of life, who does? Who takes a whole 24 hours to worship God or would if He had not commanded it? We could do anything at any time (our time); but that would not show dependence, obedience or love to our God. Can one go to work when they want or do the work contrary to how the owner says? Can one turn up for a plane flight when they want? If those earthly things are tied to time why should God get less? Doing it at His prescribed time shows respect and puts Him above self. God did not say once a year you will keep this or that feast. He set a day, time and manner of how it was to be done. He did not say you will offer up an animal. He set the gender, age, type and other factors of the animal. With God everything has to meet His stipulations and those substituting one factor for another according to their own understanding suffer the consequences.

Daniel was a man after God’s own heart; yet he did not rely on God knowing his heart when asked to copy everyone else and kneel down to a statute in Daniel 3:18.  Neither did Mordecai in the book of Esther 3:2-4.  2 Sam 6:6 Uzzah had good intentions when he put his hand out to stop the Ark falling off the cart. Yet God killed him for breaking the commandment given years before to others that it should not be touched (1 Chron 13:9 and Ex 25:14).  We can always find a reason to follow the crowd and pretend little things do not matter. Daniel did not drink the wine offered him in Dan 1:8.  He did not say, it is only wine which is all right to drink. It was not the wine he refused; but its meaning and association. In 10:3 one sees Daniel does drink wine as a norm. Christians too should be careful with what they associate.

Imagine holding your hands up saying or praying “Lord God…” To whom would you be praying? Does it not depend on who is present and where it is taking place? If it was in the open when the moon was out, it could be said to be to the moon god. If it was at high noon when the sun is out, to the sun god. Similarly if one sings “happy birthday to you...” It would be to who is present and whose birthday it is. Obviously not someone who is not present or whose birthday had gone. If you are still not convinced, imagine a football pitch is used to host a match between Arsenal and Chelsea on Saturday and Tottenham against Ipswich on Sunday. You like football, support Arsenal; but can not make it on Saturday so decide to go on Sunday to the same pitch. You pay your money and cheer just as if you were there the previous day. Who does your money and cheering go to? Not Arsenal, they were there yesterday! Do not be naïve. One cannot outwardly participate in something yet think their internal personal reason excuses them. Remember Daniel? In that sense God is not everywhere all the time. He is present to receive an earthly choir of praises on His day, not part of the choir on various days. That is why He condemned worship in high places, groves and under trees as those were pagan practices. Jesus said one is either for Him or against Him by choice or default. Hot or cold. No middle ground.

Three examples of persons who did things their way and what God did to them are, King Uzziah who offered incense to God. “Though (otherwise) did right in sight of God”, struck with leprosy till death because he was wrong person. It was priests’ job (2Chron 26:4 & 18).  Aaron’s sons offered strange incense to God. Killed because, though were priests, was wrong incense (Lev 10:1).  The bible has numerous examples of God’s disgust to abominable things (pagan adopted practices) done in His house in worship to Him (2Kings 21:3-6). So much so that in Rev 3:9 He terms them “churches of satan”.

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