Question: Is history relevant to Christians?

1Jo 2:6 “He that saith he abideth in him ought himself also so to walk, even as he walked”.  One cannot understand or reconcile the message of the bible without history or you will end up off track or false teachers will lead you astray, probably to hell. Not all professed Christian leaders speak for God i.e. Aaron and Miriam Num 12:2, Korah numbers 16:32-35.  The Old. T. instructions are the same as the New T.  New T. writers quoted from Deut nearly 200 times. Christ quoted in Matt 4:1-11, Deut 6:13, 16; 8:3; 10:20; Deut 12:8, Judge 17:6, 21:25. 


Some say they do not care about history. Then how do you know which God to serve, why and how? Is it because they do not care to get it right; but do it their way? The bible is the oldest history book. It tells of creation, sets out the origin of sin, plan of salvation, the promises and their conditions made by God to us. In that history book is a record of the exodus, individuals and nation’s methods and mistakes in serving God, punishment, repentance, deliverance etc. God continually reminded receivers of His promises and conditions to pass them onto all future generations. Those receivers knew of the importance of future generations remembering and the consequences if they failed. So much so that they thought of ways to assist memory i.e. putting information into a song (Exodus 15:1, Deut 31:19-21). Then we know the content of that history book is correct through our own human historical records of wars, reigning kings etc. Fortunately for us, our predecessors knew the importance of recording history. The Egyptians, Romans and others kept records that were later discovered and collaborated by our archaeologists. Records of subsequent empires confirm previous prophecies i.e. in Daniel. On that basis we can rely on foretold but yet unfulfilled prophesies in that history book and take steps to ensure we, as an individual, do not fall with those to be punished.

Today we use metric measurements, before that we used imperial feet and inches, in years to come we may move onto another system. If history was not relevant, we would not know the size of a cubit, the measurement quoted in the bible. Thus an appreciation on the size of the temple and other constructions would be lost. History is clearly relevant and those ignoring it wish to remain in ignorance. Christians also need to know how the enemy fights. Methods of deception, his powers, musical status, how he gets thoughts into your mind, through which he affects your actions and following of your heart. Being forewarned enables preparation to protect yourself and others. As I have said many bible readers focus on the New Testament, spend their time on guided daily reading and never end up reading the whole bible. Try solving these two sequences 1) 60, 62, __, __ 2) gh, gj, __, __. You should find the solution later in the booklet.

If God was to forget about history how could we go to Him and say you promised this or that? Would you be happy if He said, I do not care about history or my promises? Would you be happy if He used that excuse to get out of promises to you the same way you are using it to get out of your obligations, yet expect the reward? It was history that played a part in the saving of Mordacai in Esther 6:1, the rebuilding of Jerusalem Ezra 4:15, 6:2, and other events based on history being recorded (see Exodus 17:14, 24:7, Num 21:14, Deu 17:18, 28:58, 29:20, 31:24 and especially Deu 31:26, 2 Kings 22:8, 11-17, Isaiah 8:2).  Through those and similar records we know of the wonders of God such as the standing still of the sun, the falling of the wall of Jericho and others.

The history book foretells the coming of the Messiah, from where He came, His destiny etc. How would the world know to recognise Him in His first and second comings if our predecessors, future generations or we ignore history? Carrying out the commission of spreading the gospel given to us by Jesus would be pointless as future hearers would not know or care about history. By ignoring history you are likely to be unaware of previous errors of others and do the same or similar whether your action is religious or worldly. You may be friends and trade with the same people or their descendants who killed, conspired against, deceived or did other atrocities to your grandparents or previous generation. What you would be saying is I do not care or want to know that beliefs I hold were imposed by an act of government way after the period or for different reasons to what I am told. That the customs I follow and the ways I worship were started by an individual starting a religion or denomination one hundred years ago. It is how I like and want to do it and God should accept it.

Matt 8:27 the disciples say “what kind of man is this? Even the winds and waves obey him!” In Isaiah 1:3 God says, “The ox knows its master, the donkey his owner’s manger, but Israel does not know, my people do not understand”. Many Christians profess the kingdom of heaven; but do not and will not possess it. They follow the crowd rather than word of God. Is what you are doing or the preacher preaching coming out of the bible or reading into the bible? Out of their head into the bible? Their interpretation, custom etc.? Choosing to follow unbiblical reasoning? True Christians must be part of the remnant. The small group within the bigger group, genuine within the fake, nucleus within the cell.  You came to God for His Godness, serve Him in "spirit and truth", especially truth.

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